January 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Scarf Creations

So I'm just getting my shop up and running on Etsy, and am in the middle of some new creations! In the last couple of days I have posted two new Valentine's Day scarfs- All Striped Up Valentine, and Prairie Rose Valentine. The inspiration for these scarfs came just from the colors- I absolutely love walking down a yarn aisle in a store and discovering all of the different hues. Each one suggests a different mood, and frame of mind, and each suggests a different creation. All Striped Up is a simple stripes pattern in two different beautiful pinks. Prairie Rose is was a suddenly inspired pattern that I made up on the spot- and is made by two yarn colors held together throughout. Both scarfs have the option of adding fringe, flowers, or hearts. Think of it- you would be the only one anyone knew with that pattern scarf, and those hues- by buying something handmade, you can be certain that no one else will have it and that it will be unique. In fact, our shop motto is " quality handcrafted items of unique and inimitable allure and loveliness." Within the next couple days I will be posting my newest creation- "Rocky Mountain Forest Coverlet". Rocky Mountain Forest is a beautiful throw in deep hunter green. Stop by soon to see it!:) Thank you so much for reading, Until tommorow~ ~The Creative Crafters~


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