March 11, 2009


Today's feature is on FAWN's from Etsy! Jasmine is from beautiful Calgary, Canada, and in her own words creates "purely Canadian handmade goods."


Ahh, ahh, I'm starting to salivate....

I have been crafting my whole life, I started when I was a kid with cutting pictures out of magazines and making mini purses and boxes. As I got older I matured into making purses of leather:)

My family inspires me - my two sons are the light of my life and I love being able to stay at home with them and still make a living.

I want to run my hands over that!
I love doing custom work, it just thrills me that I can create somthing special and one of a kind for someone else to love!
I started buying on Etsy last year, then I slowly started to build up enough stock so I could open my own shop.
I opened a children's shop in August of '08, and my leather purse store was opened on January 1st '09!
I realize there are many talented artists on Etsy, but I think my product is well made and can stand up for its' self among the hoards:)
I'm a 22 year old female, married for 6 years (to Bradley, the love of my life), 2 boys (5 year old Ben, and 4 month old Ro), 1 big black bassette hound (named Boo). We all live together happily in Chestermere Alberta Canada.
You can visit Fawn's twitter at, and her FaceBook is Fawn Shop!
Thank you so much for the wonderful chat, Jasmine!
~ The Creative Crafters

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