January 15, 2009

Bit of Grace

How did you get started in crafting? I have been crafter since I was in college(15 years ago.) I started as making gifts for people --used all different types of media; made candles, woodworking, sewing etc trying to find the craft the "fit' me. About 4 years ago, a girlfriend of mine had taken a beading class at a local craft shop and she showed me a bracelet she made--I was hooked! What are some of the things that inspire you? Beautiful stones, I could look through boxed of stones and semiprecious stones all day and have a thousand ideas. What do you think would be the perfect project? The perfect project for me is making something that is meaningful to someone to wear. On a cruise a few years ago, I made Swarovski Starfish Crytal necklaces for my mom, sister, and mother in law to commemorate the trip. How long have you been selling on Etsy, and how long have you done what you do?I have been selling on Etsy for a few months, under another name though. i just relaunched my shop with a new name and a new image. Selling your work on Etsy, or online in general, can mean a lot of competition. Are you intiminated by this? No I'm not intimidated. Each person has their own style and I think my style reaches a lot of customers. Thanks so much! Pictures of her work coming soon!

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