January 14, 2009

PaperAffection Feature

Today I'm featuring a wonderful Etsy seller. Please welcome PaperAffection. She recently shared with me some things about her Etsy shop. So, enjoy the interview, and please take a moment to visit her shop! Me: So, how did you get started in crafting? PaperAffection: Its been about 13 years now since that fourth grade class where I made my first crane. I first got into origami because I had this problem with sitting still when I was a kid. I discovered that folding paper helped me concentrate in class while I took notes. This was especially true in college and long lectures and I honestly believe I did better in class when I was folding! As I practiced more and more, I realized that if there wasn't a real use for my origami models, and they'd all go to waste - and I couldn't let that happen! So I set out to make my origami functional - jewelry was my first thought, and I'm exploring other mediums. Me: That's wonderful. What are some of the things that inspire you? PaperAffection: What inspires me? Colors. Other artists (jewelry and paperfolding and more). Intelligent conversation. I like my craft because its like a puzzle sometimes! Me: A puzzle, that's a great way to describe it:) What do you think would be the perfect project? PaperAffection: Perfect project... oooh. I think the coolest project would be a commission to do all the jewelry for a fasion show - think of all the colors, the lines, and come up with a piece that matched each one perfectly. I think I'm going to have to buy an issue of Vogue and try that now... Me: *laughs* That would be cool. Show us what you come up with:) How long have you been selling on Etsy, and how long have you done origami? PaperAffection: On Etsy its been four months today! Origami has been forever really. :) Me: Selling your work on Etsy, or online in general, can mean a lot of competition. Are you intiminated by this? Why or why not? PaperAffection: I am and am not at the same time. I feel that I really offer a very unique spin on jewelry that you can't find in many other places (the people who do exactly what I do I can count on one hand). At the same time jewelry is a saturated market and its hard to make someone fall in love with an item without picking it up - my items don't have that bling factor :) But I stand behind what I make, love the process, and I know that no one else can offer you the same product. Me: Thank you so much for your time and wonderful, PaperAffection!Here are some samples of her work.

Bronze and Gold Butterfly Necklace


  1. Thanks for the feature! Good luck with your blog :)

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  3. real good stuff for the economic hard times

    who needs gold when you can set these bad boys on fire to keep yourself warm


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