January 28, 2009

Julie's Jewlery!!!!!

Today I am interviewing Juliejongleuse from Etsy. Julie is from Quebec/ Montreal. I hope you enjoy the interview! How did you get started in crafting? My cousin had a wedding to attend to and she didn't have any money for jewelry. I had some ideas and tried it for her. The passion was born! What are some of the things that inspire you? The light and how it makes anything shines. What do you think would be the perfect project? Really don't know! How long have you been selling on Etsy, and how long have you done what you do? Selling on Etsy : almost a year. Doing my jewelry : almost 3 years. Selling your work on Etsy, or online in general, can mean a lot of competition. Are you intiminated by this? Why or why not? Of course I am! There are a lot of talented artists out there!! But there's a place for everyone, because everyone's work is so different from each other's.
Think of the glances you'll get (not to mention the stares!) wearing this! Pow!
So pretty!
Innovative, and creative!
Mommy, mommy, I want to touch!
Another kapow! Like white ice~ you'd be a snow princess (or the White Witch)
Thank you so much, Julie!
~ The Creative Crafters


  1. I love the firework necklace and the gray necklace they are just beautiful. Thanks for the post and the shop review. It's amazing work.

  2. Beautiful jewelry! Thanks for sharing with us!!


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