January 27, 2009

Chick Scratch!!!!!!

Today I am featuring Chickscratch, who sells candles and scrubs on Etsy.
How did you get started in crafting?
I've been making things ever since I knew what scissors were for - my childhood memories are sticky with paste and mud. I started crocheting seriously after college, and making soap and candles for about 2 years now. The traditional 9-5 lifestyle just doesn't work for me - I'd rather be up at 2am covered in soy wax. In a totally innocent way, of course.
What are some of the things that inspire you?
I live in San Diego, steps away from Balboa Park. Everything's always in bloom - I just take a walk and breathe in the plumeria and eucalyptus, or stare transfixed at the garish beauty of the bottlebrush trees. It's hard not to get inspired!
What do you think would be the perfect project?
One where I'm given the raw materials and free license to create whatever I wanted. Like, "Here's some bottlecaps, an avocado and a moon rock. Oh, and it has to remind me of Paris. Go!"
How long have you been selling on Etsy, and how long have you done what you do?
I've been selling since October 2008. My sister pressured me into making massage candles in particular about a year ago.
Selling your work on Etsy, or online in general, can mean a lot of competition. Are you intimidated by this? Why or why not?
No. Everyone has their own spin on their products, and I'm not out to make a profit. Just a little pocket cash so I can go travelling!
Thank you so much for the wonderful answers! Drop by Chickscratch's Etsy shop!

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  1. Those massage candles look very interesting!! Will have to go check it out.


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