February 4, 2009


Today I'm featuring Linda from Lindab142 on Etsy. Linda sells amazing jewelry designs. Here are some thing she told me about her work. Enjoy! "I've been crafting since I was a child. I didn't realize how many things I've done, from painting sweatshirts, candlemaking, stamping cards, beading and making latch hook rugs. My passion for jewelry came back after making some bracelets with some girlfriends about 3-4 years ago. It was so relaxing and fun. This year, I hope to create a bracelet adapted from that event with different features to mark the occasion.I'm inspired by gemstones, their characteristics and colors, nature and beading magazines - to adapt a beautiful design to my taste or for my clients. I work full-time, and it seems that my spare moments are spent promoting my items. Hmm, the perfect project would be to have time to design all the items I want to: dragonfly earrings and several other things on a list I've started, and learn to wire wrap and other techniques. The next part would be to list them on Etsy, and, of course, for them to be sold right away.I've been selling on Etsy seriously since March 2008 and designing jewelry for about 3-4 years. I signed up on Etsy long ago, but forgot and didn't list anything in my shop right away. I'd like to mention that I didn't know that my user ID would be the name of my shop ... Linda B. is what people call me, because at work there is usually more than 1 person named Linda. And 1+4+2=7, for the days of the week, working Creation and G-d into my work, too. Jewelry competition is a factor, but my designs are unique and I also do custom work. I'm not intimidated, although sometimes I am discouraged by the sheer number of jewelry makers and the number of years and advanced skills others have. Photography is one thing I'm still learning about and I've got a great new camera and tripod. I'm having a blast blogging featuring new items and other Etsy sellers' works at http://linorstorecom.blogspot.com/. Recently, I became a Project Wonderful publisher and I'm offering some free ads on my blog. Please check them out, soon.Each day, I have a new favorite. While my jewelry designs (pendants, necklaces and bracelets) are waiting for new homes, I wear them with the tags, so people will ask me about it. Today I wore this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=10300187. I love pearls and jasper. And, I may have to make myself a pair of these, http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18274948, olive jade earrings. They're staring at my from my completed earrings board in my bedroom, and I might just have to have them myself. Thanks for having me as a guest!" You can visit Linda at her blog http://linorstorecom.blogspot.com/ and at her Etsy http://lindab142.etsy.com/!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me. I enjoyed responding to your questions.

    Linda B.


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