February 5, 2009

Little Mo- and Friends!!!!!

Good Thursday Morning, everyone! It's a gorgeous day here in Colorado. The sun is still in the process of rising at 7:30, but we have lovely weather right now! Today I'd like to introduce Helena, from Littlemoandfriends, on Etsy. Helena lives in Perth, Australia and sells handmade illistrated journals, cards, giftwrap, tags. I recently had the chance to chat with her about her work.
I am thinking of you fondly - Writing set How did you get started in crafting? I’ve always loved drawing and writing, and making my own gifts for friends. It was only natural for me to illustrate my own stationery line. My little shop is called Little Mo and Friends, and it features the adorable character Little Mo and her cute forest friends.
In The Garden - Postcard Set (round edge) What are some of the things that inspire you? I’m mostly inspired by nature, trees, animals and children’s books. As you can see from my illustrations, everything is nature inspired and colourful like a picture book!
Cherry blossom in Valentine - Notebook What do you think would be the perfect project?
I’m always thinking of new projects for Little Mo and Friends. But I would have to say that the perfect project would be to illustrate a series of picture books for Little Mo and Friends. I am slowly working my way towards that goal:)
A picnic slumber in the afternoon - Notebook How long have you been selling on Etsy, and how long have you done what you do? I’m embarrassed to say that I am actually new to Etsy in terms of buying and selling! I’ve had many friends who tried to get me to join Etsy and sell my art here…that was 4 years ago! Around this time in 2008, I gave it some serious thought and decided to set up my online shop. So I spend some months doing my research, going over my sketches and designs and visiting the local printers to outsource my production. I finally had my first stationery range out in mid November 2008, and since then, it has been an enjoyable experience on Etsy.
I hope this paper plane brings you love - Writing set Selling your work on Etsy, or online in general, can mean a lot of competition. Are you intimidated by this? Why or why not? Competition on Etsy is fierce, and because I am a new seller, it feels like I’m starting from behind the pack. I have so much more to do in terms of building my network and my inventory, as well as honing my skills in marketing and promotion.But such is the case for all new business set ups. I am sure every new business owner faces competition and challenges everyday. I’ve long learned to let go of my fears and to keep up with the spirit of it all. If I allow myself to be easily intimated by competition, then it might only jeopardise my confidence and beliefs. To be a successful business owner, one has to take it all in a stride and persevere :)
Wild berries and ladybirds in Autumn - Gift wrap Thank you so much, Helena! Helena's writing sets come in sweet colors, with matching envelopes, and cute stickers to seal your mail with! It not only brightens up your friend’s day but also her mailbox! You can visit Helena at http://littlemoandfriends.etsy.com, and at http://littlemoandfriends.com!


  1. eeek!! thank you!! you're such a sweetheart for putting all this together! xxxx helena

  2. Hey great Blog feature! Love Helenas stationary, so cute and vibrant!

    Well done!

  3. great interview - love reading about handmade/creative woman. Helena is very talented and her artwork is adorable!

  4. A great feature about a fantastic artist, I love Helena's work!

  5. Great feature- very interesting to find out more about LittleMo :)

  6. I love LittleMo, great feature! Especially love the picnic slumber notebook


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