February 6, 2009

*****JaunePierre *or in English* Yellowstone!******

Today's feature is about Carrie from JaunePierre on Etsy! Carrie is from the great state of Montana, and loves all kinds of art, painting, illustration, and watercolor. She offers graphics for Etsy with a more personal touch! Carrie is an art major, proud business owner, and is extremely passionate about her wonderful work. If you're looking for an Etsy banner or avatar set at a great price, and with a personal touch- look no further, because you have arrived! Stop by http://jaunepierre.etsy.com to see more of her work. Carrie and I recently chatted for a little while about her work. I would love to share her wonderful answers with all of you, and I hope that you enjoy! How did you get started in crafting?
My parents are artists as well. My mom sketches and so does my dad. They showed me their sketch books when I was really young. My Uncle is a graphic designer and my grandparents have their own interior design company. I was sort of always around it.
What are some of the things that inspire you?
Anything really, pottery, looking out the window, a song...
What do you think would be the perfect project?
Doing graphic design for a really big company and have my design become a household logo like Starbucks.
How long have you been selling on Etsy, and how long have you done what you do?
Not long, just started actually. I've been doing freelance graphic design for two years now, but by myself for awhile now. I always would create wallpapers, graphics for friends before I started freelancing.
Selling your work on Etsy, or online in general, can mean a lot of competition. Are you intiminated by this? Why or why not?

Sometimes I am, but I love the competition, it's fun and exhilarating. Also, I love seeing people so involved in their work. It's great to be a part of.

Lovebug Banner and Avatar Set
I really hope people love my designs and if they would ever like to work with me, don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you so much for your time, Carrie!
~ The Creative Crafters

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